Monday, December 5, 2011

When Christmas Was Banned in Boston

When the Puritans came to the New World in 1620, they brought with them their strict ways, their religious views and their distaste for Christmas. Although Christmas was widely celebrated in Europe as a Christian holiday marking the birth of Jesus Christ, Puritans saw it as a false holiday with stronger ties to Paganism than Christianity. Known for being pious and reserved, Puritans also took a dislike to the drinking and dancing associated with the holiday.

After the Puritans left the old world, they decided to leave these holiday traditions behind. Instead of feasting and giving gifts, Puritans commemorated Christmas by praying, reflecting on sin and working instead of resting...Click here to read more:


  1. Thanks for posting over at blog. It allowed me to discover yours. You have some great articles here, including this one. In light of the Christmas season, do you mind if I put the first paragraph of this article on my site and link over to your blog if my readers want to check out the rest?

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