Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Timeline of the American Revolution

The French and Indian War
October 1763:
The Proclamation of 1763
March 1765:
The Quartering Act of 1765
March 1766:
The Stamp Act repealed
The Declaratory Act
June 1767:
The Townshend Revenue Act
October 1768:
British troops arrive in Boston to enforce customs laws
March 1770:
June 1772:
The Gaspee Affair
May 1773:
The Tea Act
December 1773:
March 1774:
Boston Port Act, part of the "Intolerable Acts"
May 1774:
Administration of Justice Act, part of the "Intolerable Acts"
Massachusetts Government Act, part of the "Intolerable Acts"
June 1774:
Quartering Act of 1774, part of the "Intolerable Acts"
Quebec Act, part of the "Intolerable Acts"
April 1775:
The Rides of Paul Revere and William Dawes
The Battle of Lexington
"The shot heard 'round the world" takes place at the Battle of Concord.
George Washington takes command of the Continental Army
The Siege of Boston begins
June 1775:
The British win the Battle of Bunker Hill
January 1776:
Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" published
March 1776:
The British evacuate Boston
The Siege of Boston ends
July 1776:
Declaration of Independence ratified by Congress
August 1776:
The British defeat the Americans in the Battle of Long Island.
September 1776:
The British occupy New York City
December 1776:
Washington crosses the Delaware and captures Trenton from Hessians
January 1777:
The Americans win the Battle of Princeton
July 1777:
The Americans lose Fort Ticonderoga to the British
Marquis De Lafayette arrives in Philadelphia
September 1777:
The British win the Battle of Brandywine
October 1777:
The British win the Battle of Germantown
The British occupy Philadelphia
Americans capture Burgoyne and his army at Saratoga, NY
November 1777:
The British capture Fort Mifflin, Pennsylvania
December 1777:
Washington's army spends winter at Valley Forge
February 1778:
The United States and France sign the French Alliance
June 1778
The British abandon Philadelphia and return to New York
June 1779:
Spain declares war on Great Britain
May 1780:
British troops capture Charleston, SC
October 1781:
American and French troops win the Battle of Yorktown against the British
December 1782:
British troops leave Charleston, SC
September 1783:
The United States and Great Britain sign the Treaty of Paris
November 1783:
British troops leave New York City
December 1783:
George Washington resigns as Commander and returns to private life
August 1786 - January 1787
Shay's rebellion squashed by state militia
September 1787:
U.S. Constitution signed
June 1788:
U.S. Constitution adopted after New Hampshire ratifies it
December 1791
United States Bill of Rights ratified


US History: Timeline of the American Revolution

PBS: Timeline of the Revolution

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